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Lista prodotti per produttore Specna Arms Industries ltd.

Specna Arms Industries LTD. is a leader in innovative airsoft technologies for the best possibly price.

Specna Arms is a series of brand new replicas on the airsoft market. At an attractive price, you may find what’s been missing in this particular market area. High quality of making and element fitting, anodised receiver, laser markings, functional bolt catch, and models in rarely encountered versions are only the wrapping of what we are about to discover inside the package.

The gearbox is equipped with a fast spring exchange system – so-called Enter & Convert™. It only takes a single move to release the spring guide. It becomes extremely easy to adjust the replica to operating in certain field type – downgrade for CQB or upgrade for a skirmish in the woods. Apart from a standard M120 spring, the set includes M90.

All the above mentioned make Specna Arms replicas offer a good price for quality and universality priorly reserved for much more expensive items only.